About Bonnie

I always considered myself an artist. I studied art in college and stayed active in the performing arts. For years I would enjoy performing whether it was singing or acting. It was a wonderful form of self-expression and there seemed so much to experience and offer. Eventually I wanted something that could be put on a wall. Something people could take home with them and make a part of their lives. Photography was not on my list until one day I was visited by a cute little chipmunk. He looked at me through the window as if to say, “Take my picture. Go get your camera and I’ll wait for you...”

I found my seldom used camera and took the shot. I was bitten by the photo-bug right then and there. There were portraits to take and images to make. It may be an animal or person. It may be a landscape or still life. Many of the lessons learned in the theatre seemed to transfer into my photography. When I do a photoshoot it sometimes feels like theatre improvisation because there is so much give and take between the photographer and the subject. The best photography taps into those same universal truths we seek out when we experience a good play. The message may differ from viewer to viewer, but whatever the message, it should be something real and true.

My favorite photos show the place where ‘simple’ meets ‘elegant.’ If the composition is strong and includes the elements of design, it can sing! Look closely and you will start to feel the rhythm. Listen and you will hear the song.